Wednesday, 8 October 2014


A French play printed in  L'Univers Illustré -

'One especially, Bathilda,
Alas you know she devoured me alive...
Yes, I was ruining dinners in diners
For that creature;
Beautiful girl, my faith!
A maid that nature forgot to give a heart
Forming the gift I was home, not her lover!'

I think it's Alexandre Dumas's adaptation of a play by Auguste Maquet. It's about a woman who is pursued by the man who rapes her. He doesn't want her to be with anyone else. 

Here is Maquet -

Bathilda is a German name meaning bold battle, woman warrior or heroine.

It is also the name of a Saint who became the Queen of France in the seventh century from being a young English girl slave.

It's a very unpopular name, but there is a Bathilda in Harry Potter. She is the fictional author of the History of Magic which the children read at Hogwarts.

Here is the story of Saint Bathilda -

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