Saturday, 4 October 2014

A Family of a Neapolitan Fisherman

'A Neapolitan fisherman and his family' by German artist August Riedel in 1833.' 

I now think this is the original painting. I think the lute is bigger in the other painting because the artist wanted to paint a lute from life. It looks the wrong scale. In 1833 version there is a more harmonious balance.

Here is a portrait of August Riedel, drawn in 1827. The following year he moved to Italy where he learnt a lot about colour. Five years later he painted the Neapolitan family. 

This is his painting of Therese von Schenk 1831. She has dressed in black and white for the occasion. It makes me think that they talked to each other about colour, and she doubted herself. 

In Rome he was asked if he wanted to go back to live in Germany. 
He said 'No, I'd have no light there.'

The top engraving is the wine cellar of Lafite Castle as depicted in L'Univers Illustré. 
Below is Lafite Castle's modern wine label. They have been making wine for a long time and have been a consistent producer of the world's most expensive red wines. 

View of The Italian Theatre - 1st October Opening Day

French gridded paper used as a bookmark

Michelangelo's Tomb for Lorenzo de Medici.

At the same time he worked on the tomb 

of Giuliano de Mecidi. 

Here are the two tombs together -

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