Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Fire at the Theatre

'The King and Queen of Naples at a battery by the sea - 22 January 1861'

'Disembarkation of the King and Queen of Naples at Terracina - 14 February 1861'

Augustin Eugène Scribe, a French playwright

Still so gently o'er me stealing, Mem'ry will bring back the feeling, Spite of all my grief revealing That I love thee, — that I dearly love thee still.Augustin Eugène Scribe

'Jeremie weeping over the ruins of Jerusalem'

'The Idle Servant' by Nicolaes Maes 1655 

'A Japanese woman and her daughter'

'Public rejoicings at Saint Petersboug. on the occasion of the abolition of slavery'

'Spanish merchant selling flowers'

'Fire at the Theatre of Barcelona'

'The farewell of Romeo and Juliet'

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